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  • Zac Collins
    Zac Collins2 дні таму

    Hey Olli, MGK wants his style back lol wtf has happened to BMTH?

  • Uprising R2
    Uprising R26 дзён таму

    50:51 When your a Fan of MJ and you live your Moment

  • Дисимира Вълчева
    Дисимира Вълчева10 дзён таму

    58:13 Did he kiss the girl?

  • Andrei Chiorean

    Andrei Chiorean

    7 дзён таму


  • Gian Alexandria
    Gian Alexandria11 дзён таму

    The crowd is sucks, and they dont know different moshpit and circle pit 🤣

  • Rachel Liu
    Rachel Liu24 дні таму

    He must be loving this red suit, he wore the same thing in Russia

  • Osveli Quinones
    Osveli QuinonesМесяц таму

    This video was taken off for a while and came back.

  • Fantapcd


    21 дзень таму

    Yeah, i had a problem with copyright claims and stuff but apparently its all good now xD it was a surprise for me either

  • yenuar pratama
    yenuar pratamaМесяц таму

    Oli suara nya bagusan waktu masih gondrong😂

  • Mihaela Chihai
    Mihaela ChihaiМесяц таму

    I was f****** there, close to the stage! 🤘 Thank you for posting this, such a rush of emotions, it's like I was just there a moment ago. Amazing experience, BMTH fan for live!!! 👊🖤

  • MrGeri


    6 дзён таму

    me too, second row, it was so good!

  • Mihaela Chihai

    Mihaela Chihai

    25 дзён таму

    @Marius 5 399, General Access Pass, pt tot festivalul, luate la Winter sale

  • Marius 5

    Marius 5

    26 дзён таму

    De curiozitate, cat a costat biletul?

  • Muhammad Zairofi
    Muhammad ZairofiМесяц таму

    1:15 - Mantra 5:57 - Avalanche 11:35 - The House of Wolves 16:16 - Medicine 20:51 - Wonderful Life 27:57 - Shadow Moses 32:36 - Happy Song 38:00 - Mother Tongue 44:02 - Can You Feel My Heart 49:17 - Sugar Honey Ice & Tea 55:15 - Nihilist Blues 1:02:11 - Antivist 1:06:52 - Follow You 1:12:55 - Drown 1:17:37 - Throne

  • shobich suryaluna
    shobich suryaluna2 месяцы таму


  • Muhammad Aditya Targana
    Muhammad Aditya Targana2 месяцы таму


  • The real Bastard
    The real Bastard2 месяцы таму

    Gw nungguin orang komen judul lagu +menitnya

  • Dani Renaldi

    Dani Renaldi

    2 месяцы таму

    sama cok wkwkwwkkw

  • New Core
    New Core2 месяцы таму


  • Nemoris Inferioris
    Nemoris Inferioris2 месяцы таму

    Vocals on point

  • Shukry SII
    Shukry SII2 месяцы таму

    1:14:14 Big round of applause on that guy for nailing that note. Deservingly so

  • Firdan Firmansyah
    Firdan Firmansyah4 месяцы таму

    Terpantau masih sepi😂

  • Diky Rahardi

    Diky Rahardi

    24 дні таму

    Baru nonggol

  • Gaa Gaa

    Gaa Gaa

    2 месяцы таму

    Bukan dari pihak at elektrik nya jadi sepi

  • Fahrur Rozi

    Fahrur Rozi

    3 месяцы таму

    Ikut komen biar nambah wkwk

  • Vallerie AAFW

    Vallerie AAFW

    3 месяцы таму

    Iya anjir



    4 месяцы таму


  • Modi
    Modi4 месяцы таму

    Eu ascultam happy song si follow you de la ec si abia acu am vazut ce exista postata toata varianta ;/