Måneskin - I WANNA BE YOUR SLAVE (Official Video)

Listen to I WANNA BE YOUR SLAVE here: Maneskin.lnk.to/IWBYS

PRODUCED BY : Martino Benvenuti / Think Cattleya
PRODUCER: Flaminia Maltese
DIRECTED BY: Simone Bozzelli
CREATIVE DIRECTOR: Aurora Manni e Måneskin
DOP: Gianluca Oliva
FILM PRODUCTION SERVICE: @illmatic_film_group_company & @jacopo.pica
PRODUCTION Ass: Francesco Devitini
PRODUCTION Ass: Andrea Calisei
DIRECTOR Ass: Francesca Valentini
ART DEP: Lavinia Masserini
MAKE UP: Chantal Ciaffardini
MAKE UP Ass: Sofia Caspani
HAIR STYLIST: Marco Steri e Mattia Caldari
STYLIST: Nicolò Cerioni
STYLIST Ass: Michele Potenza
STYLIST Ass: Arianna Beachi
STYLIST Ass: Salvatore Pezzella
EDITOR: Christian Marsiglia
COLORIST: Lorenzo Ameri
PHOTOGRAPHERS: Ilaria Ieie e Fabio Germinario
Thanks to: Gucci _Alessandro Michele

@Sony Music Italy


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    I wanna be your slave I wanna be your master I wanna make your heart beat Run like rollercoasters I wanna be a good boy I wanna be a gangster 'Cause you can be the beauty And I could be the monster I love you since this morning Not just for aesthetic I wanna touch your body So fucking electric I know you scared of me You said that I'm too eccentric I'm crying all my tears And that's fucking pathetic I wanna make you hungry Then I wanna feed ya I wanna paint your face Like you're my Mona Lisa I wanna be a champion I wanna be a loser I'll even be a clown Cause I just wanna amuse ya I wanna be your sex toy I wanna be your teacher I wanna be your sin I wanna be a preacher I wanna make you love me Then I wanna leave ya 'Cause baby I'm your David And you're my Goliath Ah-ha Mhm, ah-ha Because I'm the devil Who's searching for redemption And I'm a lawyer Who's searching for redemption And I'm a killer Who's searching for redemption I'm a motherfucking monster Who's searching for redemption And I'm a bad guy Who's searching for redemption And I'm a blonde girl Who's searching for redemption I'm a freak that Is searching for redemption I'm a motherfucking monster Who's searching for redemption I wanna be your slave I wanna be your master I wanna make your heart beat Run like rollercoasters I wanna be a good boy I wanna be a gangster Cause you can be the beauty And I could be the monster I wanna make you quiet I wanna make you nervous I wanna set you free But I'm too fucking jealous I wanna pull your strings Like you're my telecaster And if you want to use me I could be your puppet 'Cause I'm the devil Who's searching for redemption And I'm a lawyer Who's searching for redemption And I'm a killer Who's searching for redemption I'm a motherfucking monster Who's searching for redemption I wanna be your slave I wanna be your master

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    Rose CarolynГодину таму

    This is the version that means something, not that Iggy shit one 🖤🖤❤️‍🔥🖤🖤

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    Gacha CookiesГодину таму

    Okay so did anybody how Damino just bent his body like that

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    tony del vecchioГодину таму

    Scusate ma se loro non sono il nuovo rock italiano, mi dispiace ma continuate ad ascoltare pelu, Vasco, ligabue, ecc... Non sto paragonando i maneskin a queste legende ma il mondo cambia e loro sono il futuro.. Complimenti ragazzi continuate così sarete sempre più forti..

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    20 хвілін таму

    L'unica cosa che stona è che ci sono troppi sciacalli attorno a questa band. Io spero che non si facciano fregare dal mainstream e che rimangano liberi. Un passo falso l'hanno fatto, con la lupa capitolina e l'intervista dove si esprimono su faccende politicizzate e strumentalizzate. Non fatevi fregare.

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    Diversity win! Everyone can be hypersexualised and honestly I a a regular sexy people enjoyer

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    me encanta su estilo!!! Saludos desde México!!!

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    Kocham ❤️ Love❤️

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    Все-таки мне эта версия больше нравится, нежели чем новая💗💗

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    não canso de ouvir essa música

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    Brooooooo this kinda sick not gunna lie my fav part is I wanna be a gangster

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    1:57 swag :O

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    orgoglio italiano

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    Get a life

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    You first

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    This version is the best

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    Acosta Luna Dennis Alejandra3 години таму

    This song puts me in a mood thai i didn't know I had xd (I'm asexual, by the way :P )

  • Sam
    Sam3 години таму

    I like Maneskin but this is absolutely awful

  • Roniê Nogueira
    Roniê Nogueira3 години таму

    It's crazy to think you can put the meaning of a few tarot cards into their personality. Dami - The tower Vic - Strength Ethan - The devil Thomas - The hermit

  • Aria Blessing
    Aria Blessing3 години таму

    Few of the times that I'm actually glad that I got an add

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    Alguém 🇧🇷 por aqui

  • Neil Kelly
    Neil Kelly4 години таму

    Was shocked to find out that they are Italian. Damiano sounds so English in this song and reminds me of the Arctic monkeys a little bit 👏

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    That's wholesome

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    Questo video è pazzesco come lo sono loro ascolto questa canzone più di 20 minuti 😅🤣❤❤😍🤩.

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    Malibù è brutto ma maneskin son belli

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    A Victoria:Ho in cane come chili. 🐶 A Ethan:Spero che il tuo pollo sia sano e salvo. A Thomas:Vendo conigli ok ok. 😂 A damiano: So che a Ethan non piace imprecare, quindi il tuo gatto è così carino. 🙀 Tutto di måneskin:Ho amato così tanto questa canzone anche se devo dire che moriro de re è il mio preferito vicccc, stai andando davvero bene 😊 Ethan ha detto che hai la mia personalità preferita così zen e calma 👌

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    Prophecy : In 5 years Maneskin will be No. 1 on Billboard Hot 100!

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    Um... Does billboard know what it's missing???

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    Eu ameii essa músicaaaaa

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    Song just hit polish radio station SOOOO good

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    ok ! ok ! if that is how you want it: HEADSET ON b.i.t.c.h.e.s. ! MANESKIN to HATARI # COMPARE ! after listening to this go to this bylabel.info/town/0J6zgqGs2pXRias/v-d-a&ab_channel=KEXP I need your opinion. Keep in mind that HATARI is live with an audience of 10 people here, and all of this i supose because of the palestine flag incident. Cute song Italy, great job, now let me invite you all to compare. 68 million for Maneskin ? how many views should HATARI get than ? 4 billion

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    Damiano perfecto remo Ti amo

  • Coco The Bunny
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    Damiano: If you wanna use me I can be your puppet- Those kids on TikTok: SiMpLe DiMpLe PoPiT sQuISh

  • Mocanu Stefan
    Mocanu Stefan6 годин таму

    ok if that is how you want it: HEADSET ON b.i.t.c.h.e.s. ! Compare MANESKIN to HATARI ! after listening to this go o this www.youtube.com/watch?v=m 27 million for Maneskin ? how many views should HATARI get than ? 4 billion

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    I'm with my family now, I'll watch later

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    Ok demon

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    Dude, this is such fucking trash lmao

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    So cringe...::::(

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    Серьги ромашки бы еще нацепил ))))

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    Måneskin começou cedo a campanha do Lula para 2022 hahaha

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    the music iss super cool but the video is meh

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    Neden bu grubu yeni keşfettim 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

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    I play it on loop

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    i am going to get in trouble for listening to this 😂😐

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    i'm not even ashamed to admit i find this all so hot

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    Laaaa türk varmı 🇹🇷❤️🇮🇹

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    Solo a me fa orrore?

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    Sounds like an Arctic Monkeys

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    Damn, this is so good 👀🔥

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    2021 looks like the Italian year! Italy crowned European football champions (2021) Italy won Eurovision Song Contest (2021) - Måneskin Italy has the fastest man in the world (2021) - Marcell Jacobs Italy has the finest high jump man in the world (2021) - Gianmarco Tamberi

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    Ну я как бы за рецептом печенья пришла😫😫😫

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    Capito gli artisti di strada.... Da paura...

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    Ребят, вам надо в Россию🤪😍🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤

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    Sono l’unico italiano?

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    Türk yokmu laa

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    estan re locos estos chabones

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    Maannnn, Ethan always gives me Illumi vibe and Damiano is Hisoka

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    He kinds of remind me of Jeffrey Star 🤔

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    Madder fakker

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    I just found my new obsession. Thank you eurovision

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    This shit is amazing 🔥

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    Scusa sono nuovo

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    Bellissima canzone😍

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    sei così figo, amo la canzone

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    horny vibe

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    I love maneskin

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    I wish mgk ano manskin collab

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    ummmm puce mary????

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    Bella Canzone bravi maneskin 😊🤘 fatalità anche io sono un musicista però faccio cover non canzoni mie 😊

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    funfact: you can take a screenshot of any second and it can be a cool wallpaper

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    Where are your long hair? :(

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    adoro questa canzone......i adore this song

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    Слишком прекрасно, чтобы перестать смотреть

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    I low-key thought it was Taylor in the thumbnail.

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    Daje forteeee ragazziiiiiiiiiiii

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    Adoro sta canzone hahahah

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    I LOVE IT MANESKIN VI ADORO ANCHE SE HO 10 ANNI VIVAAAAAAAAAA però il video ehhh un po' bruttino

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    Giusto. Infatti è un poco troppo non buono per la tua età. Dovresti stare su BYlabel non da sola. 🥰

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    think you're in a club?

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    Che dire.. sempre fantastici❤️

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    siete bravissimi maneskin vi adoro❤ siete i migliori in assoluto continuate la vostra carriera ❤❤❤❤