I spent a day with DREAM

I spent a day w/ Dream to learn the truth about being the fastest growing Minecraft creator on the Internet.
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  • Dream
    Dream5 дзён таму

    this was a lot of fun!! such an amazing interviewer

  • Cade Tyerman

    Cade Tyerman

    Дзень таму

    hi dream im big fan

  • zetsu


    4 дні таму


  • Ander Sandoval Gutierrez

    Ander Sandoval Gutierrez

    4 дні таму

    Dream looks like the mona Lisa

  • Poke Ved

    Poke Ved

    4 дні таму


  • Lincoln and Jackson time

    Lincoln and Jackson time

    4 дні таму


  • Jacob Palermo
    Jacob Palermo17 секунд таму

    When is he doing a face reveal

  • ItzZyku
    ItzZyku3 хвіліны таму


  • Birdi ._.
    Birdi ._.45 хвілін таму

    Bruh this shit not even edited properly he cuts off what people say and just fades to music whyyyy

  • London Posey
    London Posey49 хвілін таму

    dreams problem with adhd is kinda relatable with my issues with it especially the medication part

  • Dash-ish
    Dash-ishГодину таму

    15yr old girl be like: OMG HAIR REVEAL

  • engiSpino
    engiSpinoГодину таму

    I knew it was fake

  • NatTalks
    NatTalksГодину таму

    Nice animation

  • Calvi Tron
    Calvi TronГодину таму


  • yuri wolf
    yuri wolfГодину таму

    The Animation is so good 😃

  • Patrick Berger
    Patrick BergerГодину таму

    Is that really dream

  • Luke Beecher
    Luke BeecherГодину таму

    how did you get to dream and have this video idea?


    dream is so good at minecraft he's a god at minecrat

  • Zadjerin
    ZadjerinГодину таму

    Is it just me, because thumbnail Dream looks like Tommyinnit

  • Kevin Hanson
    Kevin HansonГодину таму

    Dream Why do you wear that mask all the time

  • Srd Glixt
    Srd GlixtГодину таму

    yo, dream actually looks fire XD

  • NotBakedDuck
    NotBakedDuck2 години таму


  • PinchedSlinky
    PinchedSlinky2 години таму

    Dreams laugh sounds like TheDooo 😂

  • Oooga booga
    Oooga booga2 години таму

    I think that’s a robot

  • Logie drawz
    Logie drawz3 години таму

    Normal pills

  • gg dabking
    gg dabking3 години таму

    is the mask anmated or reil

  • Rose_


    2 години таму

    The whole body of dream is animated. Isn't it obvious and easy to tell.

  • blossomxrose gaming
    blossomxrose gaming3 години таму


  • sts zane ✔
    sts zane ✔3 години таму


  • ugh samu
    ugh samu3 години таму


  • Jack M
    Jack M4 години таму

    Haters gonna hate, dreamer’s gonna dream, George’s gonna scream

  • Jack M
    Jack M4 години таму

    7:46 “ Weather it’s on BYlabel or music” Referring to Wilbur

  • frogathy
    frogathy4 години таму

    this is an awesome interview. also it was really cool hearing him talk about his adhd. i have adhd too and it's so cool seeing someone with it be so successful today. a lot of us relate to his struggles so i guess it's just validating to know that we're really not alone in this. you hear a lot of stories of adhd people being successful but it's cool when you get to experience seeing it firsthand!

  • Marie de la Rey
    Marie de la Rey4 години таму

    good editing

  • Jenni Walter
    Jenni Walter5 годин таму

    the dream is greatly drawn but how would someone's mask move while talking like a full face covered mask it can't move blink or move while talking plus the mask is plastic and might not crack

  • Javon miller aka knock off danny duncan
    Javon miller aka knock off danny duncan5 годин таму

    for every sub i get i will do 5 sit ups and i will go live doing all the sit ups on july 1st at 4 pm

  • Justin Spigener
    Justin Spigener5 годин таму

    or mabey it his mask is fake

  • Ed and Toño remastered
    Ed and Toño remastered5 годин таму

    Why y’all stil animated him

  • Arand Yasin
    Arand Yasin5 годин таму

    Day 1 of trying to get famous from comments. Current subs:4

  • Eclipse
    Eclipse6 годин таму

    I thought the mask on dream was real until I saw it blinking

  • ArsenalZ
    ArsenalZ6 годин таму

    Petition to spend a day with Technoblade

  • Mm Mmm
    Mm Mmm6 годин таму

    How do dreams mask sometimes blinked lol

  • Shivaar Jeeawon
    Shivaar Jeeawon6 годин таму

    Here proves that Danny Gonzalez Is. Not dream!

    DDDRIFTER PLAYZ6 годин таму

    Anyone click on this video to see a face reveal?

  • Roy Behrens
    Roy Behrens6 годин таму

    Dit you really whare a mask or not i want to now

  • YouTubesucks bellic
    YouTubesucks bellic7 годин таму

    no one likes a cheater

  • iKzord


    4 години таму

    Cry about it

  • Max
    Max7 годин таму

    Ever notice how whenever he does these sorts of interviews he always talks way faster than normal?

  • XjLift
    XjLift7 годин таму

    He’s actually 300 lbs

  • Wicca
    Wicca7 годин таму

    it took me 3 minutes to realize it was a fucking animation 🤦‍♀️

  • Leonora Ukshini
    Leonora Ukshini7 годин таму

    Did he really did a face reveal to u?

  • Brandon Ramírez
    Brandon Ramírez7 годин таму

    Did he see dreams face

  • Anna carrilho
    Anna carrilho7 годин таму

    Is this legit

  • GeckoLettuce 1
    GeckoLettuce 17 годин таму

    Anthony. Did you really leave SMOSH?

  • ALEXA :3
    ALEXA :38 годин таму


  • nut pic gaming
    nut pic gaming8 годин таму


  • Haden Clark
    Haden Clark8 годин таму

    I know who he is he is all over unspeakable tick tock

  • Mischief
    Mischief8 годин таму

    I don’t like how the masks eyes blink at 2:35

  • Dark_Fox
    Dark_Fox 8 годин таму

    Dream is the Best BYlabelr.

  • Duane Mcginn
    Duane Mcginn8 годин таму

    Hi dream

  • Spoodzz
    Spoodzz9 годин таму

    Only ogs know Smosh :[

  • RummyRummyJoe
    RummyRummyJoe9 годин таму

    I have trouble in school a lot same like dream.

  • Rama Bhattacharyya
    Rama Bhattacharyya9 годин таму

    Nobody- ANYONE AT ALL- Anthony- Guys I haven't peed in 👑7 days 👑

  • Anxion
    Anxion9 годин таму

    Anthony I’ve know you’ve for about 7 years dude and your a og interviewing a dumb dude

  • iKzord


    4 години таму

    Cope harder

  • Arth Sharma
    Arth Sharma9 годин таму

    Dream is edited in this video

  • RoarinEevee
    RoarinEevee9 годин таму

    Omg you are so lucky I am the dream teams biggest fan

  • X 3000
    X 30009 годин таму

    Yeah this is 24 min not 24 hours

  • Larko
    Larko9 годин таму

    I literally thought that was real, that’s insanely good animation.

  • Ultimatelazy
    Ultimatelazy9 годин таму


  • rachel milton
    rachel milton10 годин таму

    Show ur faceeeeee

  • Sufyan Salman
    Sufyan Salman10 годин таму


  • mary strange
    mary strange10 годин таму

    Hi dream

  • 64k_Lone Devil
    64k_Lone Devil10 годин таму

    The first time I watched this it was like 2AM and I literally thought the animation was real I nearly screamed and I was like “OH MY GOD ITS HIM!!” Turns out it’s not 😂

  • TheViolenceHasEscalated
    TheViolenceHasEscalated11 годин таму

    mate dream animated

  • Manas Pachchigar
    Manas Pachchigar11 годин таму

    Is this dream real ??

  • Keroni Lollia
    Keroni Lollia11 годин таму

    New vid for dream: today I beat Corona in a speed run

  • Minh An
    Minh An11 годин таму

    When he do taht he driveling me crazy

  • Minh An
    Minh An11 годин таму

    I’m hate dream jk I don’t like yiu BYlabel dream

  • _Amberflame_
    _Amberflame_11 годин таму

    took me a second to realize that was art

  • Arye
    Arye11 годин таму

    I'm glad Dream is fat! 😭

  • iKzord


    4 години таму

    Cry about it

  • Conrad De La Torres
    Conrad De La Torres11 годин таму

    I agree

  • Jammy
    Jammy12 годин таму

    cool animation

  • Aria_Bubbles c(^w^c)
    Aria_Bubbles c(^w^c)12 годин таму

    how is his mask moving O-O

  • Zoro♡
    Zoro♡12 годин таму

    hey anthony do you miss ian

  • Jennifer Langley
    Jennifer Langley12 годин таму

    Is it a mask or fake mask

  • sokin jon
    sokin jon12 годин таму

    Since this is animated Anthony is just talking to air

  • turt
    turt12 годин таму


  • Thiago Q
    Thiago Q12 годин таму

    Holy shit 8.6k dislikes

  • sokin jon

    sokin jon

    12 годин таму

    Ha! I love how he's miming listening to an actual person sitting across him but in reality is just talking to dream through his airpods!

  • AsimOnly
    AsimOnly13 годин таму

    its not real dream body its cgi dont think this video is fake they kept cgi to not let know to show dream face reveal or body

  • AcakingOfficial
    AcakingOfficial13 годин таму

    I spent a night in a dream

    EXTREME GAMING13 годин таму

    Nobody Literally nobody Dream- Doesn't move an inch while the whole conversation except his face

  • Rain Gaming
    Rain Gaming13 годин таму

    Dream manhunts in short:Dream and friends travel the Minecraft earth

  • Ashraya's Gaming
    Ashraya's Gaming13 годин таму

    It took me half a video to realize Anthony was talking to empty chair 😂😂

  • Amber Dean
    Amber Dean13 годин таму

    The pastoral suit enthrallingly report because pheasant morphometrically complain at a craven permission. damp, highfalutin doctor

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    Arkyn Jadz Cabrera13 годин таму

    Hey Anthony why did u leave Smosh?

  • Master Bakalov
    Master Bakalov13 годин таму


  • iñaki iñigo Del Rosario
    iñaki iñigo Del Rosario13 годин таму

    I finnaly found u anthony..

  • GeneMaybeProbably
    GeneMaybeProbably14 годин таму


  • Charles☑
    Charles☑14 годин таму

    You could've just ripped hes mask off for big content

  • Pepper Pepper
    Pepper Pepper14 годин таму

    Dream looks like clay.!.!. Haha

  • Donita Karst
    Donita Karst14 годин таму

    The annoying bathtub particularly handle because credit cellularly manage pace a brawny brake. deranged, thinkable glove

  • ShadowGacha_123
    ShadowGacha_12314 годин таму

    DReam needs to do a face revel but ik if he doesnt want to .

  • Hamdan Mahmood
    Hamdan Mahmood15 годин таму

    Ha! I love how he's miming listening to an actual person sitting across him but in reality is just talking to dream through his airpods!

  • JustDom
    JustDom15 годин таму

    This video has more views that your subscriber count bro

  • Half lemon
    Half lemon15 годин таму

    This a real Dream I thought….but the animations are awesome!

  • Zenuko Wetod
    Zenuko Wetod15 годин таму

    nice knowing he still makes good content

  • No Ur not
    No Ur not15 годин таму

    Bro dream looks animated and he hasn’t moved not one but in 8 minutes of the video