This Is SO SMART!!! 😂

This Is SO SMART!!! 😂
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  • ☁️Z̶o̶e̶y̶i̶s̶z̶o̶o̶m̶i̶n̶g̶🌥
    ☁️Z̶o̶e̶y̶i̶s̶z̶o̶o̶m̶i̶n̶g̶🌥46 хвілін таму

    This was so funny that I forgot to laugh Also was that Cheeto dust on top of the “drinks”

  • Aleem Khan
    Aleem KhanГодину таму

    That is smart good job

  • Milaiyah Caine
    Milaiyah Caine3 години таму

    Its obviously staged cos he's so careful to not spill the dinks

  • Chijioke Igboasoiyi
    Chijioke Igboasoiyi3 години таму


  • Chijioke Igboasoiyi
    Chijioke Igboasoiyi3 години таму

    Wow Wath a show

  • Chijioke Igboasoiyi
    Chijioke Igboasoiyi3 години таму

    Wow I really am sarcastic

  • TryingtoBe 1
    TryingtoBe 13 години таму

    I’m worried that this had 4 million likes 💀

  • Jesus martinez
    Jesus martinez4 години таму

    10000 more like 0 iq

  • xxburgerxx
    xxburgerxx4 години таму

    Another smart thing is to delete your chann

  • Donovan Riede
    Donovan Riede4 години таму

    So smart

  • Maddie
    Maddie5 годин таму

    Wait how this bid get 130mil views and I made the some idea and I got 9000 likes in tt

  • Sarah Roberts
    Sarah Roberts5 годин таму

    It’s copl

  • angel~
    angel~7 годин таму

    mas o cara e lerdo d+

  • Jabari Harper
    Jabari Harper7 годин таму


  • Jabari Harper

    Jabari Harper

    7 годин таму


  • Alexandra N
    Alexandra N8 годин таму


  • Sadam Aljabri
    Sadam Aljabri8 годин таму


  • Ajla Dizdar
    Ajla Dizdar8 годин таму

    Oh my God he is so stupid 😂😂😂😂

    HANSEN J KASIL8 годин таму

    boring..same thing..over and over again

  • Moyon Vaugh
    Moyon Vaugh8 годин таму

    Why y’all use milk and whip cream

  • Galaxy Blade
    Galaxy Blade9 годин таму

    I guess I have one last thing to say Humanity didn’t deserve life this is just sad

  • أمير أمير
    أمير أمير9 годин таму

    ٥ب٦يحافظون على ف٢٣فلل٢ف الف صضيشثشششششسششث@×@@#÷😏 من

  • Anita Krawczyk-Dubiela
    Anita Krawczyk-Dubiela10 годин таму


  • Roman Pišta
    Roman Pišta10 годин таму


  • B.B Bakre
    B.B Bakre10 годин таму


  • Golly Jmall
    Golly Jmall11 годин таму

    Im starting to think that they have a like bot and a sub bot

  • Damon Alx
    Damon Alx11 годин таму

    why the plushys is cheap like hellll

  • Rafaella Nascimento
    Rafaella Nascimento11 годин таму


  • Javed Alam in
    Javed Alam in11 годин таму


  • itzmebacon
    itzmebacon12 годин таму


  • samayu cute
    samayu cute13 годин таму

    So smart,🙂🙂

  • ɢᴀʀɢɪ arya dance choreography
    ɢᴀʀɢɪ arya dance choreography13 годин таму

    Soo smart😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Supriya gondkar
    Supriya gondkar14 годин таму

    Broad DU he really think that we didn't know that there was a pause

  • Conor RBX
    Conor RBX14 годин таму

    Mate they're videos are cringe

  • Kane Patterson
    Kane Patterson14 годин таму


  • ÆXiT Hush
    ÆXiT Hush15 годин таму

    Not like I saw this 100 million times

  • Small Creature
    Small Creature16 годин таму

    Its always these dumb people theyre the cause thanos wants to wipe the univers😒

  • nathalie rojas henriquez
    nathalie rojas henriquez16 годин таму


  • Axolotl
    Axolotl16 годин таму

    "if idiots can fly tik tok would be an airport" - a wise man

  • levi ackerman
    levi ackerman16 годин таму

    Before this shit it was actually fun to watch them do like roblox adopt me tiktok life hacks But now it's just fucking cringe

  • Joanna
    Joanna16 годин таму

    いずく:いぇs うららか近カカシッ||good job on making thing justin and adam||

  • SirJonMaker
    SirJonMaker16 годин таму

    What can he do that!!!!

  • julka. .aesthetic
    julka. .aesthetic16 годин таму

    His face expressions- stop

  • Paola Priore
    Paola Priore17 годин таму


  • lets lose brain cells
    lets lose brain cells17 годин таму

    It's was 1 dollar...

  • Joanna


    16 годин таму

    I just wanna know how these videos get so many likes lmao

  • Risa Hasmia
    Risa Hasmia17 годин таму


  • trollge
    trollge18 годин таму

    0 0 | | |

  • Roginald Lachica
    Roginald Lachica18 годин таму


  • Monalisa Melhem
    Monalisa Melhem18 годин таму

    I’m jealous........... and that Web cream is so whippy creamy I think I found the love of my life😍

  • SoukHung Ling
    SoukHung Ling19 годин таму


  • tallal aledahr
    tallal aledahr19 годин таму

    I don't like it why is this happng

  • sarita_kyan uwu
    sarita_kyan uwu20 годин таму

    El tercer video que me muestra lo mismo xD

  • Luzminda Diron
    Luzminda Diron21 годину таму


  • Dan of the Dickman Clan
    Dan of the Dickman ClanДзень таму

    Can we talk about the number of suicides this videos created.

  • Sostenes  Fernandez
    Sostenes FernandezДзень таму

    I know foxy did that

  • Ereni Andrade
    Ereni AndradeДзень таму


  • FatSardine
    FatSardineДзень таму

    I just wanna know how these videos get so many likes lmao

  • Constantina Cristian Alexandru
    Constantina Cristian AlexandruДзень таму

    129 MILLION VIEWS AND 4.6M LIKES??!??!? HOLY !!1

  • Munazza Sajid
    Munazza SajidДзень таму

    The second one is smart.

  • Chris Harrison Droning
    Chris Harrison DroningДзень таму


  • m.s beats inventer
    m.s beats inventerДзень таму

    Name of soundtrack

  • JJ samouhi
    JJ samouhiДзень таму

    Flaming be like how is he o famous 100 millon views in 3 weeks while lankybox is like that’s because we work hard

  • Kat Pa
    Kat PaДзень таму

    That was so smart

  • Saadia Zaghar
    Saadia ZagharДзень таму


  • Ms Appling
    Ms ApplingДзень таму

    I have seen this

  • Sagarika Nayak
    Sagarika NayakДзень таму


  • Link 2.0
    Link 2.0Дзень таму

    When Justin switched the two cups both of them are upside down wtf

  • Ayaan
    AyaanДзень таму


  • Ayaan


    Дзень таму


  • Anime Fan Channel
    Anime Fan ChannelДзень таму

    Natang bodoh nak like curi idea orang lain..

  • اميرةالفضاء
    اميرةالفضاءДзень таму


  • Nalem Gomes Da Silva
    Nalem Gomes Da SilvaДзень таму


  • Priya Patil
    Priya PatilДзень таму

    Ha ha so smart 😂

  • cecen ohoira
    cecen ohoiraДзень таму

    Ini sangat pintar

  • Vanessa Katrina Omac
    Vanessa Katrina OmacДзень таму

    Ya know? If Hydrogen would be seen the people who liked this would become a whole new red supergiant star.

  • noor rajput
    noor rajputДзень таму

    How funny 😂

  • i'm Rusalina,i'm from Russia
    i'm Rusalina,i'm from RussiaДзень таму

    Там же видно,когда он звал его вторая кружка была перевёрнута

  • bofooit gojo

    bofooit gojo

    Дзень таму

    "There seems to be no sign of intelligent life" Buzz lightyear, 1995

  • Marlon A. Metz
    Marlon A. MetzДзень таму


  • Шахзод Тураев
    Шахзод ТураевДзень таму

    Он же налил молоко в обее стаканы

  • Crystal Gonzalez
    Crystal GonzalezДзень таму

    It is just a 1 dollar

  • Salem Kukelenia
    Salem KukeleniaДзень таму

    Il est très bête Fr

  • Dusan Miladinovic
    Dusan MiladinovicДзень таму

    Why God why

  • Official Deceased
    Official DeceasedДзень таму

    Stolen but ok

  • 4B MSSS
    4B MSSSДзень таму


  • Asmara Jelita
    Asmara JelitaДзень таму


  • Rosa Castaneda
    Rosa CastanedaДзень таму

    Lanky box

  • Stephen Hubbard
    Stephen HubbardДзень таму


  • Uciey Uciey
    Uciey UcieyДзень таму


  • Uciey Uciey
    Uciey UcieyДзень таму

    NO DOT

  • Amihan DG
    Amihan DGДзень таму

    Hahahahaha naisahan

  • Amihan DG
    Amihan DGДзень таму


  • Heddwyn, cloak of Timekeep
    Heddwyn, cloak of TimekeepДзень таму

    Hundreds of great content creators work hard to make BYlabel videos and get barely any recognition, but these 2 idiots that made a effortless video that's under 1 minute long get over 100 million views and 4million+ likes. This is disappointing.

  • Autumn Thompson
    Autumn ThompsonДзень таму

    Wow I like your videos 🤩🤩🤩

  • Ayries Fadzlin
    Ayries FadzlinДзень таму


  • Teehee Haha
    Teehee HahaДзень таму

    Insert thanos joke here

  • Ivantheboyy
    IvantheboyyДзень таму

    Wow one dollar

  • Jonathan Solis amaya
    Jonathan Solis amayaДзень таму

    Hola como estas💖💕❤😁

  • verran miral
    verran miralДзень таму

    This is SO SMART😂😂😂