Quicksilver Saves Everyone - Sweet Dreams - X-Men: Apocalypse (2016) Movie Clip HD

Quicksilver Saves Everyone From Exploding X-Mansion Scene - Sweet Dreams - X-Men: Apocalypse (2016) Movie Clip HD

As Xavier's Mansion explodes, Quicksilver saves everyone inside single-handedly.

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  • JAAS
    JAAS6 хвілін таму

    Once he ran so fast, he accidentally ended up in Marvel's Universe (WV reference)

  • dslims1
    dslims136 хвілін таму

    So badass he even saves the goldfish.

  • Miguel Sanabria
    Miguel SanabriaГодину таму


  • Miguel Sanabria

    Miguel Sanabria

    Годину таму


  • The Game Reaper
    The Game ReaperГодину таму

    Why does quicksilver look like Tyler blevins

  • andres jaramillo
    andres jaramillo2 години таму

    Bueno en resumen el Quicksilver de los vengadores es un boludo y el de X-men esta OP y ya está xd

  • Igris
    Igris2 години таму

    Niyeyse ne zaman görsem izlerim

  • bhaibhai Gamer
    bhaibhai Gamer3 години таму


  • The Great One
    The Great One3 години таму

    Still mad about Wandavision

  • MARVEL future
    MARVEL future5 годин таму

    Hasta está escena es mejor que esa temporada 7 que la verdad ya es mala

  • The Angry Commenter
    The Angry Commenter5 годин таму

    Wannabe flash 😡😡

  • Joe Swain

    Joe Swain

    4 години таму

    Bruh your username is literally the angry commenter

  • Rickelmy
    Rickelmy5 годин таму

    Cuicksilver saves everyone

  • Rickelmy
    Rickelmy5 годин таму

    Cuicksilver saves

  • Rickelmy
    Rickelmy5 годин таму

    Quicksilver s life

  • Túrin Turambar
    Túrin Turambar6 годин таму

    Those people are all dead by moving too fast and having their brain rattled at speeds that break the sound barrier

  • MARVEL future

    MARVEL future

    5 годин таму

    Not me

  • The diablo FF YT
    The diablo FF YT6 годин таму

    La cámara es igual de rápido con el

  • dedeton 2
    dedeton 27 годин таму

    This man look like maxim

  • The Great One

    The Great One

    3 години таму

    No, maxim looks like him

  • RBurnout Slayer
    RBurnout Slayer7 годин таму

    Quicksilver in avenger: *Taking all the stones in thanos' hands

  • Serpon Joemama
    Serpon Joemama7 годин таму

    Fun fact: Quicksilver is in every frame of this movie, he’s just too fast for you to see him.

  • iLuzgou
    iLuzgou8 годин таму

    Yo cada vez que veo esto me pregunto como es que puede cargar a 2 personas si solo tiene velocidad

  • Wang
    Wang8 годин таму

    He is faster than flash

  • Willowbear Mindfulness
    Willowbear Mindfulness9 годин таму

    So he is also quite strong to, when he throws people for some hundred meters.

  • Moktar Badarou
    Moktar Badarou9 годин таму

    Magnifique 🤩

  • Elkukano YT
    Elkukano YT10 годин таму

    best scene

  • Jared McCain
    Jared McCain10 годин таму

    Ultron Quicksilver : I didn't see that coming.

    ABDUL NIEL CAJILIG10 годин таму

    This Quick Silver is awesome!

  • Isaacm080
    Isaacm08011 годин таму

    Haha bohner

    GIORGIO F M11 годин таму


  • Saad Zarrar
    Saad Zarrar13 годин таму

    I wonder does he burn a lot of calories like all of that energy and speed is gonna need some fuel.

  • carlos grves
    carlos grves13 годин таму

    La mejor escena ...

  • Raphael Isler Films
    Raphael Isler Films13 годин таму

    Wow geil gemacht🔥🔥🔥

  • R A P T O R
    R A P T O R14 годин таму

    everyone talking about how fast quicksilver is but wat abt the cameraman🤯😱

  • Burning Ice
    Burning Ice15 годин таму

    This is the reason why dc studio don't release that much movie

  • Shailesh L Prabhu
    Shailesh L Prabhu15 годин таму

    Rip fox,s X men universe

  • aris wahyudi
    aris wahyudi15 годин таму

    Biasa aja,dia cuma manusia biasa..not real..

  • Joy TKD
    Joy TKD16 годин таму

    Climax scene

  • Gokul On Fire
    Gokul On Fire16 годин таму

    They topped an un toppable scene. That Kitchen scene in Days of Future Past was near perfect, this topped that.

  • Andersson A. A.
    Andersson A. A.16 годин таму

    Wherever there is an explosion and you survive, it means that quicksilver was there and saved your life :)



  • JohnWalker
    JohnWalker17 годин таму

    Just Imagine, During Avengers Endgame, When The Base Explodes, Quicksilver Goes Into The Universe And Gets All The Avengers Out Of The Base

  • Solis Funfair
    Solis Funfair18 годин таму

    speaks to me bro, it speaks to me

  • Aznmozez 22
    Aznmozez 2218 годин таму

    Satisfying coolness

  • Nakul Gedekar
    Nakul Gedekar18 годин таму

    Maxim from free fire☺️

  • M H
    M H18 годин таму

    when a lens flare is actually appropriate

  • shaq solitary
    shaq solitary19 годин таму

    he didn't save all the camera men inside.

  • GoldenAppleGamerYT
    GoldenAppleGamerYT20 годин таму

    Watching this full volume at night

  • CosmicFist
    CosmicFist20 годин таму

    When I saw those black air forces I thought who's this man gonna kill :-(

    THE WORLD IS WACTHING20 годин таму


  • DogeVirus
    DogeVirus20 годин таму

    Did you know that this quick silver is like 1000 times more faster then quicl silver from the movie age of ultron

  • The Great One

    The Great One

    3 години таму

    Aproximately 500 times faster

  • Dennis McNabb
    Dennis McNabb20 годин таму

    They where so right on picking this guy to play the part. You will always be my quicksilver my friend!

  • Quick silver
    Quick silver20 годин таму


  • Killer llama
    Killer llama21 годину таму

    Is that song actually in the movie?

  • The Great One

    The Great One

    3 години таму


  • GrabMusic
    GrabMusic21 годину таму


  • Marcus Silva
    Marcus Silva22 години таму

    ele deve estar escutando musica 10.000x mais rápido pra acompanhar ele nessa correria kkkk

  • Aslam Aslam
    Aslam Aslam22 години таму

    Quick silver = Maxim

  • IDK What To Name LMAO
    IDK What To Name LMAO23 години таму

    The fact that this dude litterally shows up on wanda vision got me blown away

  • Gerald destroyer of worlds
    Gerald destroyer of worldsДзень таму

    I was hoping when he finished saving everyone he'd go back to pick up that Twinkie

  • Mark Miguel
    Mark MiguelДзень таму

    He's still fast even in slowmotion hahaha

  • C B
    C BДзень таму

    Quick silver one of my favorites this portrayal is the best.

  • Michael Chukwunonso
    Michael ChukwunonsoДзень таму

    I enjoyed the way he was having fun while rescuing them.

  • Adriano Matos
    Adriano MatosДзень таму

    Mercuri the movie ?

  • Miguel Guerra
    Miguel GuerraДзень таму


  • Monk Edward
    Monk EdwardДзень таму

    The fact that he can run inside slow-mo and still be quicker than age of Ultron quicksilver, scares me

  • SillyBUX
    SillyBUXДзень таму

    Marvel had the opportunity to revive this op version of quicksilver rather than giving is ralph bohner.. fookkin morons.. im still pissed

  • Coach Jackson
    Coach JacksonДзень таму

    Who is faster super man quick silver or flash

  • A K
    A KДзень таму

    Best scene in Sci-Fi Movies.

  • F0d@$er
    F0d@$erДзень таму

    This is the best scene in the film

  • Tristannn :]
    Tristannn :]Дзень таму

    And mf saying flash can beat this bro

  • The Great One

    The Great One

    3 години таму

    He could though

  • Oliwierek


    Дзень таму

    he would

  • Lucifer
    LuciferДзень таму

    He said WoW.

  • Juan Esteban Riaño Gomez
    Juan Esteban Riaño GomezДзень таму


  • Xeon Su
    Xeon SuДзень таму

    This is the coolest scene from the whole series

  • LaserCat Gaming
    LaserCat GamingДзень таму

    Tbh Quicksilver is one of the coolest characters in Marvel

  • LaserCat Gaming
    LaserCat GamingДзень таму

    Avengers quicksilver: gets like 10 minutes in one movie and dies Xmen quicksilver:

  • Ccv Kris
    Ccv KrisДзень таму

    1:48 School: explodes Quicksilver: there's always times for moonwalk 😏

  • Samuel Wints
    Samuel WintsДзень таму


  • Generic Mystics
    Generic MysticsДзень таму

    Okay but seriously are we gonna ignore how hilarious 2:10 is??

  • baluextreme
    baluextremeДзень таму

    All time favourite scene

  • Npc Man JALR
    Npc Man JALRДзень таму

    Saved not everyone

  • SpaceYote
    SpaceYoteДзень таму

    I love the bright sight gag with the teacher chastising the two girls for being late

  • illest fury
    illest furyДзень таму

    Jean could've stopped this

  • AV Gamer
    AV GamerДзень таму


  • Laurent Harkes
    Laurent HarkesДзень таму

    Top amigo 💥💯

  • Karanveer
    KaranveerДзень таму

    He don't need any vehicle he is faster than army jet😂😂🤣🤣

  • LRAF
    LRAFДзень таму

    This practically a song video just with sound effects😂

  • April Joke
    April JokeДзень таму

    Can I say this is the greatest movie clip in this 10 yrs?

  • FrogKH
    FrogKHДзень таму

    he faster than light ;-;

  • Wiwid Therena
    Wiwid TherenaДзень таму

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  • Peasant
    PeasantДзень таму

    Now immagine if Quicksilver arrived 1 second later.

  • zeruk
    zerukДзень таму

    He could easily steal the gauntlet from Thanos

  • Vishal Rane
    Vishal RaneДзень таму

    Quicksilver please help me tommorow is my test 😑😑🥺

  • Alex
    AlexДзень таму

    So the music was as fast as Quicksilver?

  • Subhojit Dey
    Subhojit DeyДзень таму

    probably the best character to come out of this version of xmen

  • 555India gaming
    555India gamingДзень таму


  • Akshobyan Vels Vidyashram Thalambur
    Akshobyan Vels Vidyashram ThalamburДзень таму


  • karthik sarva
    karthik sarvaДзень таму

    it is impossible to take such short turns at such high speeds. due to higher psuedo force acting on him during the turns. and stopping that short at such high speeds will cause sonic booms enough to kill the person near him. not to mention, the explosions travel at the speed of 5000 to 11,000 m/s. i.e 11km/s ~ escape velocity of earth. so all these superhero movies are a bunch of BS w.r.t the physics

  • karthik sarva

    karthik sarva

    20 годин таму

    @JET oh. ok sorry. didn't notice it.

  • JET


    20 годин таму

    @karthik sarvaread again my statement I said "Fiction" not "friction"

  • karthik sarva

    karthik sarva

    20 годин таму

    @JET . wat.?,........ friction? friction depends on normal reaction of the body. and f = (Mu X m X 9.812 ) Newtons. that guy looks like some 60 -70 kg and coefficient of dynamic friction of wooden floor and other surfaces varies about 0.3 - 0.7 so avg =0.5 0.5 X 60kg X 9.812 m/s^2 = 294.36 N. that guy is turning at corners of 1 m radius and his speed (i googled it) = 188 km/s that's more than 16 times the escape velocity of earth. the psuedo centrifugal force outwards on him would be mv^2/r = 60 x (188,000m/s)^2 / 1 m = 2,120,640,000,000 N 2.12 trillion Newtons vs 294 Newtons. ? these superhero movies are some real BS. physics don't apply to them? go get some education. get off the internet.

  • JET


    22 години таму

    cause its fiction and sometimes or mostly physics dont apply to them.

  • Ezequiel Cortez Mejía
    Ezequiel Cortez MejíaДзень таму

    Aquí tu comentario en español tenks